Denpasar – On June 26 2023, the Hindu Dharma Student Association Student Activity Unit ITB STIKOM Bali held a Pasraman Kilat event with the theme “WARNA NYATUANG BRAYA”. young people about the importance of basic education about culture and traditions in Bali, as well as strengthening the spirit of equal braya among participants.

The event took place for 3 days and 2 nights, namely on June 26 – June 28 2023 and was attended by participants who gathered at the ITB STIKOM Bali Renon Campus before continuing their journey to the Kilat Pasraman location in Bali Outbound & Farmstay (BOF) using the provided bus.

On the first day the event started with participants gathering at the ITB STIKOM Bali Renon Campus in the morning. After that, a joint prayer and briefing was held before the participants departed for the Quick Pasraman location at Bali Outbound & Farmstay (BOF). Chairman of the Widya Dharma Shanti Denpasar Foundation, Drs. Ida Bagus Dharmadiaksa, M.Sc, Ak., C.A, officially opened the event by hitting kulkul as a sign of the opening of the Kilat Pasraman Student Activity Unit Hindu Dharma Student Union ITB STIKOM Bali 2023. Other campus structural officials were also present as witnesses at the event. Followed by a dharma discourse delivered by Sri Mpu Brahma Puja Dharma Sidhi. Furthermore, participants received Balinese language counseling and training on writing Balinese script on palm ejection guided by Mr. I Wayan Suarmaja, S.Pd.B. In the evening, the program ended with watching the film “Die Insel der Dämonen (1933)” which was screened and guided by Mr. I Made Marlowe Makaradhwaja Bandem, B.Bus.. Ak., M.Sc..

It was continued on the second day which started with morning exercises involving all participants and the committee. After that, a group prayer was held before starting the training activities. The training on the second day was divided into two groups. The women’s group conducted training on making canang sari and tipat guided by Ni Made Regina Dwi Savitri and Ni Putu Putri Apriliani. Meanwhile, the men’s group conducted klangsah making training guided by I Putu Rio Putra Pratama, as well as ngelawar and nyate training guided by Mr. I Gusti Rai Agung Sugiartha, S.T., M.T.. After the training, a megibung event or eating together was held. In the evening, games and a night of intimacy were held for all participants and the committee. This event was marked by lighting a bonfire accompanied by a sharing session and playing a flashback video of UKM KMHD from 2017 to 2023.

And on the last day, the 3rd day, it starts with a nature tour involving all participants and the committee. After exploring nature, there are also games and eating together. Participants and the committee then made preparations to return to the ITB STIKOM Bali Renon Campus.

That was the series of events for the “WARNA NYATUANG BRAYA” Passover event which lasted for 3 days and 2 nights. This event succeeded in presenting a series of useful activities and providing valuable experiences for all participants. The hope is that this event can increase understanding and love for Balinese culture and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between participants and the committee.