Quality Policy


STIKOM Bali’s quality policy is aimed to set the direction for the Institute’s Vision Achievement. It contains a statement of commitment to comply with regulations, make continual improvement, and contains a framework for setting the quality objectives. STIKOM Bali states its quality policy as follows:

STIKOM BALI has a strong commitment to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders by implementing the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 & Higher Education Quality Assurance System through continuous improvement. To achieve these objectives, The Management:

  1. Providing teaching staff and employees with appropriate qualifications and competencies to make an optimal contribution to teaching and learning activities.
  2. Growing and increasing interest in scientific research among lecturers and students through the use of scientific publications in internal and external organizations.
  3. Increasing cooperation with related institutions as part of service, development and improvement of organizational quality and promotion of the organization.
  4. Developing an integrated information system service for the entire academic community as a means of making effective and accurate decisions and increasing the effectiveness of teaching and learning activities.
  5. Evaluating and reviewing the curriculum on a regular basis according to market needs and developments in information technology.
  6. Increasing student participation through student organizations and student activities.
  7. Increasing student satisfaction through improving the quality of academic activities and professional academic services.

ISO 9001:2015

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