Sharing Experiences with UKM Multimedia at the ‘Sharing Session Multimedia 2023’ Event

Denpasar – The ITB STIKOM Bali Multimedia Student Activity Unit held the 2023 Multimedia Sharing Session for the first time which took place in the ITB STIKOM Bali Hall. This activity is the latest activity from the Multimedia Student Activity Unit which is held hybridly in the ITB STIKOM Bali Hall and online via the Zoom Meeting platform on Saturday, June 24 2023 with the theme “Interactive Multimedia”.

Sharing Session Multimedia is a form of the latest innovation from UKM Multimedia in organizing fundraising activities. This experience sharing activity was filled by two speakers who were commissioned administrators of UKM Multimedia ITB STIKOM Bali. The topics discussed by the speakers were, the first speaker was I Made Adi Krisma Dinata. S.Kom presented material related to “Final Project in the Multimedia Field” and the second speaker was I Ketut Agus Sugiartha. S.Kom presented material related to “Multimedia in the World of Work”.

The Multimedia Sharing Session activity invites participation from UKM Syntax ITB STIKOM Bali as MC and Moderator as well as participation from UKM Music ITB STIKOM Bali as performers at entertainment events. This activity targets all internal members of UKM Multimedia as well as all active students of ITB STIKOM Bali. On this occasion, UKM Multimedia provides three categories for purchasing Sharing Session Multimedia tickets, which consist of offline tickets for Rp. 30,000, online tickets for Rp. 35,000 and special tickets for internal members of UKM Multimedia ITB STIKOM Bali for Rp. 25,000.

In accordance with the theme, the Multimedia Sharing Session activity aims to share knowledge, experience, and ideas with participants as an effective way of developing oneself by learning from the experiences of others.