Gelar Kreasi Sistem Komputer #6 is held once a year by the Computer Systems Student Association. This event also commemorates the anniversary of Himaprodi Computer Systems. This time the Computer System Creation Degree has the theme “The Way To The Best Technology Until No Limit” by holding a Seminar, CTF (Capture The Flag) Competition, and Sumobot. We also collaborate with the Linux Study Group Student Activity Unit and the ITB STIKOM Bali Robotic Student Activity Unit. Computer System Creation Title #6 was not only followed by ITB TIKOM Bali students, there were various institutions that participated in enlivening the #6 Computer System Creation Degree event.

The purpose of the theme “The Way To The Best Technology Until No Limit” is expected that participants can develop their potential interests and talents through technology so that participants can know the limits of their abilities. This event will be held on 25 – 26 June 2022 at the ITB STIKOM Bali Hall. The seminar was held virtual/online while the CTF (Capture The Flag) and SUMOBOT competitions were held live/offline at the ITB STIKOM Bali campus. Competition participants register online through the google form that has been provided by the previous committee.

On the first day of June 25, 2022 the opening started very well by the MC. After the opening was inaugurated by the students, it was followed by an online seminar led by a moderator from the Syntax Student Activity Unit. The first, second, and third seminar sessions, participants were very enthusiastic about participating and understanding the material given by the speaker and continued with the SUMOBOT competition which was very lively and went well and sporty. Drop each other’s robots to fight for the highest score and become the champion. The CTF (Capture The Flag) competition was no less exciting, tense, running smoothly and sportingly. to get the highest score in the Attack Defense method.

After the competition was over, it was continued with the awards night as well as the closing night for the Gelar Kreasi Sistem Komputer #6 event which was attended by BEM, BALMA, Head of Study Program, and the General Chair of the Computer System Student Association. Furthermore, a cutting ceremony was held to symbolize the anniversary of the Computer System Student Association in the context of the Gelar Kreasi Sistem Komputer #6 Title event accompanied by BEM, BALMA, Head of Study Program, Demisioner, Deputy Chair of the Committee, and General Chair.

All members of the Computer Systems Study Program Student Association participated in this Gelar Kreasi Sistem Komputer #6 activity. With the implementation of this activity, it is hoped that all members of HimaProdi Computer Systems can always increase cooperation between members and foster a sense of brotherhood in the Computer System Study Program Student Association. I Putu Pratama Angga Arisuta as the head of the Computer System Creation Title #6 event hopes that this event can add insight, knowledge and establish cooperation between universities in Bali and can introduce HimaProdi Computer Systems and ITB STIKOM Bali to SMA/K schools throughout Bali so that later interested in joining the big family of ITB STIKOM Bali.