Denpasar- GBC (GHoST Body Contest) is an annual event for UKM GHoST (Gymnastic and Healthy Of Stikom Bali) where in this event the GBC (GHoST Body Contest) holds a body contest competition which has 3 competition categories namely, super new muscle, new muscle, and midle muscle and also invites athletes and non-athletes throughout Bali and outside Bali to take part in the GBC (GHoST Body Contest) event. This event also aims to introduce the ITB STIKOM BALI campus and GHoST to the wider community.

This year’s GBC (GHoST Body Contest) has a different concept from the previous year, by inviting performers from high school/vocational high school students where this event also provides an opportunity for high school/vocational high school students to appear at the biggest UKM GHoST event, the The GBC (GHoST Body Contest) also takes a different theme from the previous year, where this event carries the theme “show your spirits it’s time to rise up”. Bachelor’s son as SIE Coordinator of the GBC Event (GHoST Body Contest).

There were 2 performers at the GBC (GHoST Body Contest) event this time, 1 acoustic band from TI Bali Global Badung Vocational School, 1 Dance performer from SMA Negeri 1 South Kuta, and this event was also attended by the Student Affairs Coordinator, GHoST Supervisor, BEM , Balma, Representatives from UKM at ITB STIKOM Bali and also the presence of the GHoST Delegation.

Furthermore, the awarding of trophies and award certificates were given directly by three well-known judges or those who already had extensive experience in body contests, namely I Ketut Gede Arnawa, Komang Riawan, Sondang Ruddy Iswanto and also accompanied by the sponsor coordinator as a form of gratitude to the participants. champion, because he has participated in the GBC (GHoST Body Contest) event.

Apart from the appearance of the performers, this event also featured mini games that enlivened the GBC (GHoST Body Contest), namely Max Push Up and Max Shit Up, the organizers also gave door prizes in the form of 2 T-Shirts, 20 Discount Vouchers to the participants. winner of GBC mini games (GHoST Body Contest). Until the end of the event, it was closed with a group photo session by the judges, committee, winning participants, and GHoST administrators.