Jimbaran – Friday, May 26 2023 The Jimbaran ITB STIKOM Bali Student Association has again held the Tirta Yatra activity which was stopped due to Covid 19. This time the activity is a holy journey or commonly called the Tirta Yatra which heads to the western part of Bali with the theme ”Nincapang Sradha Bhakti , Melarapan Main Yajna Tirta Yatra” with the meaning as Increasing a sense of Devotion to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi through the main sacrifice with the Holy Journey.

This activity was also attended by Management Representatives of ITB STIKOM Bali Jimbaran Campus, Representatives of BEM, Representatives of BALMA, and Participants who are Hindus. Tirta Yatra begins with a prayer by the committee & participants in the campus area with the aim of asking for blessings to be given safety and followed by a briefing of participants by the committee, so that the event runs smoothly.

Then at 06.00 WITA departure from ITB STIKOM Bali Jimbaran Campus to the first route, namely Rambut Siwi Temple which arrives at 08.30 WITA and immediately performs prayers, after the prayers are finished, continue the journey to Bidadari Restaurant which only takes 30 minutes and rests to eat. After that at 10.30 WITA the trip was made back to Pulaki Temple and arrived at 11.30 WITA and continued with a joint prayer after that the prayer was finished followed by a group photo session at Pulaki Temple, then the journey continued to Pabean Temple which was right in front of Pulaki Temple, prayers and a group photo session was also held at the Pabean Temple.

Then the journey continues towards Melanting Temple which is the last temple to be visited, arrives at 14.15 WITA and performs prayers followed by group photos and a joint meal break at Wantilan Pura Melanting. After the meal together was finished, the return trip was right at 15.00 WITA and arrived at the ITB STIKOM Bali Campus Jimbaran at 19.45 WITA, the 2023 Tirta Yatra activity took place in an orderly and smooth manner.