Celebration of the 13th Mapala Kompas Awakening Day

Denpasar – Mapala Kompas ITB STIKOM Bali Awakening Day is an activity that is routinely held by Mapala Kompas ITB STIKOM Bali UKM which aims to evoke a sense of togetherness and establish relationships between all members, as well as a place to meet up for missed members. The series of activities includes a contemplative evening accompanied by cutting the tumpeng as a symbol of the celebration of the Resurrection Day and a cheerful tent as a medium for chatting among fellow members.

This Reflection Night activity will be held on September 19-20 2022 in the backyard of the ITB STIKOM Bali Renon Campus. The routine activities of the Night of Reflection and the cutting of Tumpeng during the Rising Day celebration invite members to uphold a sense of solidarity and kinship. This activity was warmly welcomed by the many friends who participated. The Reflection Night activity also provides gaps and space for complaining about the scope of the organization, regarding problems that have previously been carried out and aims so that in the future it will not be repeated again and in the future it can be even better (*).