Team Anya Forger UKM RADE ITB STIKOM Bali Wins Best Design in the 2022 PNBRC Contest

Denpasar – Sunday, May 29, 2022 Robotics and Embedded System Student Activity Unit (UKM RADE) ITB STIKOM Bali, participated in the qualification round in the Sumobot Competition held by the Robotics Student Activity Unit of the Bali State Polytechnic, in the Bali State Polytechnic Robot Competition (PNBRC) event 2022.

Bali State Polytechnic Robot Competition (PNBRC) 2022 is an event that is routinely held annually by the Bali State Polytechnic Robotics Student Activity Unit. This year’s PNBRC event carries the theme “Improving The Skill And Innovation In Technology For Preparing Society 5.0”. PNBRC 2022 involves SMA/SMK equivalent and Universities throughout Indonesia to deal with the rapid movement of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which has now entered the Era of Society 5.0. Because of this technological development, Indonesia must be able to adapt and develop Indonesian technology in order to be able to compete, moreover, many people have created various kinds of innovations in the field of robotics.

The Robotics and Embedded System (RADE) Student Activity Unit ITB STIKOM Bali sent 5 Sumobot Competition Teams consisting of two teams, namely Team Amogus (I Kadek Agus Ari Setiawan and I Gusti Agung Bayu Krisnanda from Information Systems Study Program), Team Teng (I Gusti Ngurah Putu Arya Wijaya and I Gusti Ngurah Agung Ananda Putra from the Information Technology Study Program), the Xantara Team (Ni Putu Dinda Yuniantari and Ni Wayan Senja Pratiwi from the Computer Systems Study Program), the Non-Canned Team (Aditya Naray Artamerta from the Computer System and Ni Komang Ratih Tribanowati from Information Systems), and Team Anya Forger (Dewa Gede Agung Herry Cahya Dinata from Digital Business and Muhammad Iqbal Riqi Baihaqi from Information Systems).

Sumobot Competition is a branch of robot competition where each participant’s robot is moved manually (moves with the help of a remote). In this competition, the participants compete in a circular arena where each participating robot will be pitted against its defensive strength. In this competition, the power of the robot becomes the main thing. If the robot leaves the specified arena, then the robot is declared defeated.

Team Amogus, Team Teng, Xantara, Not Cans, and Team Anya Forger took part in the qualifying round to enter the last 16 on Sunday, May 29, 2022. Teams Amogus and Xantara managed to qualify for the last 16, while Team Team Teng, Not Cans- cans, and Team Anya Forger fell because the opposing team was superior in terms of components and strategy. However, during the preliminary round to enter the top 12, Team Amogus and Xantara fell because the opposing team was superior in terms of strategy. Despite not being able to make it into the top 12, Anya Forger’s team was able to win Best Design in this competition.