Social Service Mapala Compass STIKOM Bali at PA Yasa Kerti

Denpasar – Social Service (Community Service) Mapala Kompas STIKOM Bali is an activity that is routinely held by UKM Mapala Kompas STIKOM Bali every year. For the Social Service (Baksos) Mapala Kompas this time it is located in Karangasem Regency, namely the Yasa Kerti Orphanage (PA).

The purpose of carrying out this Social Service (Community Service) is to provide knowledge to children at Yasa Kerti PA about what waste is, good and correct waste management procedures, as well as sharing knowledge about ecobricks and how to implement them, the use of ecobricks in waste management in Indonesia. PA Yasa Kerti.

This activity was held on Sunday, May 29, 2022 at the Yasa Kerti Orphanage, which will be continued until August by monitoring whether the knowledge we have given is practiced regularly or not. This activity was carried out during the pandemic in Indonesia, especially the Province of Bali, which had begun to decline.

This Social Service (Community Service) was attended by younger siblings and representatives of the management from the Yasa Kerti Orphanage. On that day, the audience was given material on Waste Sorting presented by Mapala Kompas members, and the next event was giving material about ecobricks and also interspersed with several games and questions, also presented by members from Mapala Kompas themselves.

The last material was given by ITB STIKOM Bali lecturer, Ni Ketut Dewi Ari Jayanti, ST, M.Kom with material on Social Media Ethics and How to Make Money From Social Media. Then for the last event, namely the distribution of prizes and memories from Mapala Kompas STIKOM Bali, followed by group photos and eating together.