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Monday, 18 May 2009

Started from spirit to increase the Indonesian Human Resources in generaland especially in IT field in Bali, STIKOM Bali always tries hard to equate itself with the other Education Institutions, which have been already famous. From the hard work, there was an offering to cooperate with another foreign university college in Malaysia . That cooperation published an International Class with dual-degree program. This program enable the students to have two degrees all at once after graduating from STIKOM Bali, those are Sarjana Komputer (S.Kom) from STIKOM Bali, and Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) from HELP University College Malaysia . Besides that, the subjects that have been taken, can be transferred and it is proved by some universities in Australia , USA , Canada , France , and other countries that have a cooperation with HELP University College . This program is expected will be able to create the professional IT that can compete in globalization.



  1. HELP is the best Private University College in Malaysia with 8500 students and 1500 foreign students from 59 countries in the world.
  2. The cost of study is cheaper.
  3. International Degree can be transferred to another university in many countries such as Australia , United State , New Zeland, and France .


The learning process is conducted in STIKOM Bali but get two degrees all at once; there are S.Kom from STIKOM Bali and BIT from HELP University College Malaysia .


For the student who wants to study abroad, can be transferred to another University in other countries such as Malaysia , America , England , New Zealand , and France .




  1. Application Fee US $ 115 (first period) US $ 120 (second period) and US$ 125 (third period).
  2. Registration fee US $ 225 (once only).
  3. Fee per subject US $ 125. The payment has to be made lately on 7 th day prior the first learning process is started according to the academic calendar.
  4. Those fees are not included the cost of the graduation ceremony in Bali or Malaysia .
  5. The payment must be transferred to BCA bank with the account number 611.022.7700 on behalf of Drs. Dadang Hermawan (The Head of STIKOM BALI). The acceptance of the payment in BCA is started from 10 am -1 pm every working day from Monday to Friday.
  6. The payment cannot be paid installment and has to be paid in cash prior the semester.
  7. Those fee has been included DPP, GMTI, Almamater jacket (STIKOM BALI), Students' affair and STIKOM magazine.


  1. Copy of STTB/STK/Report of the first semester in the third grade of Senior High School.
  2. Fill in the registration form.
  3. Colour photograph with size 2 x 3 cm and 3 x 4 cm (two for each).
  4. Slip of application payment from the bank.