The initiative was started by some observers and practitioners, who were interested in improving educational formation, i.e. Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem, MA. (Former Rector of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogjakarta) , Dr. Dadang Hermawan (Education Practitioner), Drs. Ida Bagus Dharmadiksa, M.Si. Ak. (Docent), and Drs. Satria Dharma (Education Practitioner). In 2000, they really focused on the world’s dynamic development of the information & communication technology including Indonesia and Bali; however, there existed no ICT University with graduate academic program in Bali so far.

On 20 Mei 2001, the four founders established Widya Dharma Shanti Foundation, the executor of the Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali . Thus, the educational institution was proposed to the General Directorate of High Education, Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia for obtaining a license.

The institution had to face many challenges and difficulties; after two years of proposing, the license was finally granted on 10 August 2002, registration number 15/D/O/2002, for Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali  with two academic programs: Computer Systems (Graduate) and Informatics Management (3 Years Diploma). Another graduate program was added, namely Information Systems by the year 2009. Nowadays,  Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali has become a reliable institution of higher international education. There are about 6000 ongoing students and 4000 alumni (2015). Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali has also been in cooperation with several governmental, educational and commercial institutions both on national and international levels.