The New Logo is actually collaboration among some symbols to be an excellent presentation and meaningful. This logo represents the vision and the missions of Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali to keep moving forward and developing to be one of the best World Class ICT Colleges. The changing of the logo visualized what has been happening in Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali since 2013.

Transformasi Logo STMIK STIKOM Bali
Transformation of Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali Logo


Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali Logo - Gear (Roda Gigi)   Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali Logo- Fire
Lambang STMIK STIKOM Bali - Gear

According to several articles about the development of technology, the speed of development, which is symbolized by "Gear", has an important role in the industrial revolution, which lead the human being to enter the modern age nowadays. Thus the 'gear' is the image of describing the developing of information technology. This becomes Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali perspective in moving forward. The 'gear' is also symbolized the on going activities of the institution in connection with the development of technology.

Lambang STMIK STIKOM Bali - Fire

Fire is an image that often interprets as an object describing energy or eagerness. The true eagerness is expected to give positive energy to Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali in conducting the best educational service and also to encourage the competition among students in achieving the maximum goal. The image is improved into a smooth curve so that become well suited with the other images.

STIKOM Bali Logo - Educational Level STIKOM Bali Logo - Sash
Arti Lambang STMIK STIKOM Bali - Akademik

There are some levels in educational world to be accomplished step by step. This process is also happening in a college, which keeps moving forward in providing service and a better quality of education for the students. Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali always encourages its institution to increase the quality of the lecturing process and raising the brand value at the same time.

Arti Lambang STMIK STIKOM Bali - Hash

The image 'sash' symbolized an appreciation given to one who has an excellent achievement. Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali is the only ICT college in Bali and South East Indonesia area which is accredited in 'B' grade by the Board of National Administration for Higher Education, BAN PT. 

The shape of the sash is adapted into all aspects to be a union of a unique logo.

STIKOM Bali Logo - Flow STIKOM Bali Logo - First Leter
 Arti Lambang STMIK STIKOM Bali - Flow

The enhancement of information technology is running fast, which urges all related aspects always be updated and follows the latest development. In order to keep growing, Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali has been cooperating with several national and international universities. The logo is composed with some aspects having a smooth curve which symbolizes flexibility..

Arti Lambang STMIK STIKOM Bali - Leter

Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali begins with letter 'S' and it is applied into imaging of the logo. The letter 'S' is distilled into the logo and become a different shape.

STIKOM Bali Logo - Wing  
Arti Lambang STMIK STIKOM Bali - Wing

The last aspect of Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali logo is 'wing'. It symbolizes the big effort of the students in achieving their aims. 'Wing' also symbolized the curricula prepared and analyzed by Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali so far that it becomes reliable to answer the challenges of technology development. One example of programs is "Dual Degree" which is a collaboration between STIKOM Bali and foreign university. This program is expected to having good quality of students who can compete in professional world globally .