Dadang Hermawan - Ketua STMIK STIKOM Bali

We would like to praise the Almighty God for the blessing and mercy through the process of realizing this institute profile. We consider this as our responsibility to ensure a high standard of learning and provide the best education system emphasizing on students’ satisfaction concerning educational formation. This page is one of our services dedicated to the students and to a wide society.
As one of the first leading information and communication technology institute in Bali, we keep rendering our best services to improve sustainable educational performance as to research and social responsibilities according to the request by related parties. The services provided are based on a mutual concept.
Our vision is to be to assume leadership in the field of informatics and computer science, both academic and practical, in Bali and Indonesia. We motivate our staff and members to keep struggling and following the dynamic global changes as well as the rapid development of technology. The institution has to be open minded for all social aspects and to cooperate with all components besides conducting research for innovation, scientific breakthrough as well as activities which are beneficial to the image of the institute.
To all students and candidates, and also to the whole INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI DAN BISNIS STIKOM BALI society of academicians (civitas akademika), we would say, “Let us make a commitment to keep studying and working intensively, effectively and productively. Let us spend the time wisely and be optimistic in facing the future which full of challenges. Let us keep thinking positively and keep observing every single change in this world so that we can create advantages and enhancements from the studies. Let us build together INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI DAN BISNIS STIKOM BALI as a reliable institution in every field of academic living especially in the fields of Informatics and Computer Sciences.”
Finally we would like to say, have a nice experience on INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI DAN BISNIS STIKOM BALi, may the Merciful and Compassionate God always gives us strength and capability to make the best achievement. Amen.
We hope this website offers you a detailed view of INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI DAN BISNIS STIKOM BALi.

Dr. Dadang Hermawan.