Students’ Services

STIKOM Bali has many units to enhance students’ academic achievements and talents. The units are divided into Student Activities, Student Counseling, and STIKOM Bali Student Development Program and Job Fair.


Student Activities

Student activities comprise 26 units, namely:

  • Senat Mahasiswa STIKOM Bali – Student Government
  • Badan Legislatif Mahasiswa STIKOM Bali – Student Legislative Council
  • Kesatuan Mahasiswa Hindu Dharma STIKOM Bali – STIKOM Bali Hindu Dharma  Students Association
  • Moslem Community of STIKOM Bali (MCOS)
  • Persaudaraan Mahasiswa Kristiani (PMK) – Christian Students  Society
  • UKM Multimedia – Multimedia Students  Society
  • UKM Robotic – Robotics Students  Society
  • UKM Programmer (Progress) – Student Programmers Society
  • Komunitas Linux STIKOM Bali – STIKOM Bali Linux Community
  • Computer Club Technopreneurship
  • Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurnalistik (HIMAJESTIK) – Student  Journalists Society
  • Himaprodi SI (Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi Sistem Informasi) – Student Representatives of Information System Academic Program
  • Himatography (Himpunan Mahasiswa Photography STIKOM Bali) – Student Photographers Society
  • Korps Suka Rela PMI (KSR PMI) Widya Bhakti – Widya Bhakti Student Red Cross
  • Voice of STIKOM Bali (VOS)
  • Komunitas Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam STIKOM Bali (KOMPAST) – Student Community for Environment Care
  • Stikom Bali Music Community (SBMC)
  • UKM Modern Dance
  • Tabuh “Bramara Gita” – Balinese Music Gamelan Community
  • UKM Pragina STIKOM Bali – Balinese Dance Community
  • UKM Bela Diri Shorinji Kempo –Shorinji Kempo Martial Arts
  • UKM Wira Usaha – Student Entrepreneurs  Society
  • UKM Badminton of STMIK STIKOM Bali (BOSS) – Badminton Club
  • UKM Bali Futsal Club
  • UKM Basket – Basket Ball Club
  • UKM Paskamras (Pasukan Keamanan Acara STIKOM Bali) – Student Event Organizer


Student Counseling

Student counseling is designed to reinvent students who are seeking for support to finish their studies. The counselor will contact the students and ask them to share their problems. They are guided until they can complete their studies. Students are handled by an experienced counselor.


STIKOM Bali Student Development Program and Job Fair

STIKOM Bali always keeps creating programs which motivate students and alumni to be tough entrepreneurs. The student development program concentrates on students’ entrepreneurship.They are encouraged to share their dreams. The facilitators will encourage the students to start implementing their dreams on business building and keep monitoring their efforts so that their works continually have added value. Besides, students are led to obtaining good jobs especially on how to discover and follow up the right vacancy.