Status :accredited with grade B; number of Accreditation Certificate: SK BAN  PT No: 010/BAN-PT/S1/V/2009
Degree : S.Kom (Sarjana Komputer)
Potential Professions : entrepreneur, lecturer, consultant on computer system, system computer engineer, designer, system analyst, programmer, researcher, web designer, web master, mobile programmer, control system engineer, robot engineer, digital forensic analyst, project manager, game developer, and etc.



The vision this program is to be the leading program in Computer System both in national and international level, and also to have a recognized role among academic societies by the year of 2020.

This program already achieved the ISO 9001-2208 certificate. Computer system is consistently supplying knowledge majoring in Networking and Robotics. In order to achieve the Global University in 2002, STIKOM Bali has entered the second process from 2008 – 2013; the main field is the arrangement on Good University Governance (GUG). The third process will be from 2013 to 2019, which aims at outputs that are globally competent.


Our mission is to professionally organize a top quality educational program of computer systems in order to generate capable human resources who are skilled in application, development and updating as well as in conducting innovations in Computer System.

Major studies:

  • Computer & Network Security
    This major study emphasizes computer network security and data security. The additional benefits of this study are computer hacking as well as forensic computer.
  • Game & Automatic Control System
    The study focuses on the skill of automatic control systems which is practically developing in the daily life. The system basically is supported by the knowledge on electronics, sensor and transducer systems. Students are trained to devise a game and any technology related to the automatic control systems. This major study also leads students to advance Robotica in order to upgrade their capability in automatic control systems.