Status : accredited with grade B; number of Accreditation Certificate: SK BAN  PT No: 251/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IV/2015
Degree : S.Kom (Sarjana Komputer)
 Potential Professions : System analyst, system engineer/designer, software programmer, software developer, network administrator, lecturer, researcher, web designer, web master, database engineer, database administrator, information system developer, geographical system information developer, multimedia designer, multimedia implementation, animator, 2 D and 3 D designer, game designer, game programmer, graphic designer, data analyst, project manager, and etc.


Vision :

Our foresight is to be the leading source of study with regard to Information Systems particularly in Indonesia and other countries. Our long-term vision is the development of an academic society, expected to be realized in 2020. 

Information System Graduate Program (S1 SI) is managed based on ISO 9001-2208 certificate through educational, research and social dedication activities. This program consistently has four main competences: Database, Multimedia and Visual Design, and Business Intelligence. In order to achieve the Global University in 2002, STIKOM Bali has entered the second process from 2008 – 2013; the main field is the arrangement on Good University Governance (GUG). The third process will be from 2013 to 2019, which aims at outputs that are globally competent.

Mission :

The mission of the Information System Program is to conduct a professional educational system and emphasizing on the output of qualified human resources who are capable of applying, developing and creating innovations in Information System.


The objectives of the faculty are formulated in a competence profile which is the target of all graduate students.  The main purpose is to accomplish the expectations of the stakeholders and business demands.

  • To provide professional services and to lead to graduates who have capabilities in a worldwide competition.
  • To create a beneficial academic atmosphere oriented on Student Centered Learning. This will result in professional graduated students who can work in the fields of database, visual design and multimedia and business intelligence.
  • To encourage a reliable quality of work having recognition nationally and internationally. This can be reached through research on database, visual design and multimedia and business intelligence.
  • To encourage graduates who have capacities in the fields of database, visual design and multimedia and business intelligence.

Major Studies

a.      Information Systems Development

The information system development concentrates on students’ ability on the analysis of information systems for several purposes such as accounting, geography, and information systems for social relations. Among others the students are also taught to be able to conduct an audit on information systems.

b.      Multimedia Development

The focus of this study is developing multimedia concepts and application, graphic design, computer graphic, computer animations as well as visual communication design.

c.       Business Intelligence

This major study emphasizes the leading edge of the system. The students are encouraged to be good decision makers, problem solvers and analysts.