Tabanan-Association of Information Systems Study Program (Himaprodi SI) held a Camping and Anniversary event on (23/03/19) to. (24/03/19), located at the Bukit Agatu-Tabanan peak Agro. This activity aims to Celebrate the 6th Anniversary of the Information Systems Study Program (Himaprodi SI) Student Association with the theme "Lets Be Fun And Make Solidarity".


Chairperson of the committee Rizqa Cahya Khairunnisa explained, this activity was to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Himaprodi SI, where this time the camp was held for two days and one night at the Bukit Agro which aims to strengthen the sense of togetherness by carrying out group games.

"This activity was held on March 23-24 2019. With the increasing age of Himaprodi SI, this time a tent event was held accompanied by the presentation of concentration materials in the Information System by Ricky Aurielius Nurtanto Diaz, S.Kom, MT, Head of Information Systems Study Program and the question and answer session hosted by the moderator. There are also games, gymnastics and trekking that make this Anniversary atmosphere more memorable, "said Rizqa Cahya Khairunnisa.

The highlight of the 6th Himaprodi SI Anniversary was a bonfire and cake cutting at night on March 23, 2019 which was attended by Bagus Agung Ketut Sentana as the head of the 1st volume of Himaprodi SI. On that occasion, Bagus Agung Ketut Sentana also shared knowledge (sharing session), which was attended by participants of the Anniversary of Himaprodi SI 6.

Meanwhile, on the second day as well as the last day of Sunday, (24/03/2019) all participants took part in trekking activities at Agro Peak Bukitcatu.