Denpasar-On Saturday 22 February 2019 UKM KSR PMI Widya Bhakti STMIK STIKOM Bali held a blood donation at the STMIK STIKOM Bali Lobby. This activity is one of the work programs of the UKM KSR PMI Widya Bhakti STMIK STIKOM Bali in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Unit in Bali Province. The activity was themed "A Drop of Blood, a Million Life" and "Give Blood Give Life" with the aim of increasing awareness and helping blood needs in the interests of humanity.


This activity began with preparations and briefings at 7:00 a.m. headed by Wayan Japa Suharsa as chair of the Blood Donation committee. Then register the registrant at 09.00 - 12:00 p.m. As a result of the registration, there were 64 registrants. Registrants not only come from students but also lecturers and also campus staff and there are also students from other campuses. After the participant registers then they will fill in the form provided by the UTD and the registrant's personal data will be inputted by UTD.

After that the donor will undergo a tension check and HB. After they are declared able to donate blood by the officer, the donor will get a queue number from the committee in charge. The queue number will then be called by the committee when the bed for the donor is ready or empty. Then after the donor completes a blood donor, the donor's personal data will be inputted by the UTD officer. At the end, donors will get some food, drinks and blood boosting drugs and certificates as a form of appreciation for them. Blood Donation activity that starts at 08.00-13.00 This time should be attended by 102 people. Unfortunately, only 69 participants escaped to donate blood. While 33 participants had not succeeded in donating their blood due to several factors such as high tension, low tension, lack of HB, menstruation (for women), lack of rest, and others.