Tabanan-The Student Association of Photography (Himatography) STIKOM Bali held a Macro (Himato Familiarity Night) event on (20/02/19) until (21/02/19), located at Lake Buyan, Bedugul-Tabanan. This activity aimed to strengthen the fraternity of prospective members with Himatography members.


Chairperson of committee I Kadek Suardana Noviana explained that the Himato Familiarity Night event was attended by 52 participants, this activity was held for two days and nights, with the aim of strengthening the fraternity of prospective members with Himatography members, and introducing several Himatography activities in the work program.

"This activity was held on 20 February until 21 February 2019. With this activity, I hope that all members will become more compact and solid, to carry out several Himatography activities in the future," Kadek Suardana Noviana said.

There were several activities carried out in the event ranging from venturing out to night, hunting, and games. All of these activities were attended by all Macro participants. The event was also attended by several friends from other Bali STIKOM UKM, such as UKM MAPALA KOMPAS, and UKM PASKAMRAS, and was accompanied by PK3 representatives and Himatography Trustees.

The Chairperson of UKM Himatography I Gusti Bagus Surya Adiyaksa expressed his gratitude to all parties, both from SMEs and outside SMEs who had participated in this Macro event. "I hope that in the future UKM Himatography will be better," he said.