Tabanan-Minggu, (27/01/19) UKM RADE, KSL UKM, JCOS UKM, and HMC UKM successfully implemented Community Service activities in Padangan Village, Pupuan Tabanan. The activity, chaired by I Gede Ananda Pamungkas, carried the theme "Let’s Get Better Together". The event was organized with the intention of helping farmers in Padangan Village especially in Banjar Gali Ukir to promote their villages, especially the plantation products that are used as livelihoods in Padangan Village by making a website.


I Gede Ananda Pamungkas explained, the contents of the website are portfolios from Padangan village. Thus, the website can provide guidance for people from various parts of Bali and Indonesia to know what is in Padangan Village. "There are lots of fruits and coffee beans in the village, but what we raise at this event is about the coffee they plant. Here, we help coffee farmers to find buyers or it can be said to give ways to farmers who are members of an organization called "Subak." The subak is chaired by I Gung Ketut Saka. “So we hope that with the Community Service we can help the farmers in the village, "he explained.

The event, which began at 12:30 to 14:00, brought in speakers from the Tabanan Regency Agriculture Service, represented by Dewa Ketut Budidana Susila, B.Sc, S.Sos, by presenting "Tabanan Regency Plantation Development Policy". Residents who were members of Subak were very enthusiastic to take part in the event, as evidenced by the number of participants present there were 140 people from over 200 families in the village.

"Because we discussed coffee and indeed the habits of the people there like coffee, at the event we also provide coffee that can be taken by the participants of the event. It does not stop there, for the next 6 months we will continue to assist the citizens through the Head of Subak Banjar Gali Ukir to manage the website and help promote the village, "said Ananda Pamungkas.

This activity was not only attended by students, some lecturers also joined in this activity to succeed this activity for the next 6 months. The lecturers helped in various ways, from website creation to helping promote the website and Padangan Village.