Denpasar-28 January 2019, Journalistic Student Activity Unit of STIKOM Bali Family (Justify) implements one of its work programs, entitled 3D Mading. The Chairperson of the Committee Christian Buntu Labi explained, this wall magazine took the theme of New Year & Christmas and combined them a little bit with Valentine concept. The making of the magazine itself was carried out by 6 members at the front lobby of STIKOM Bali Renon, with approximately 4 hours starting with providing goods to the installation process of the magazine itself.


“Because the manufacturing process until the installation was done at the end of January, thus we make a joint concept so that readers can understand our concept while entering into the existing month. Here we take the title "STIKOM Bali Rewind 2018" with the aim that the readers know what were the best activities in 2018, “Christian Buntu Labi explained.