Denpasar – STIKOM Bali again proved its achievement in information technology creativity. Two STIKOM Bali alumni, I Komang Try Adi Stanaya and I Made Suandana Astika Pande, S.Kom., have achieved the second position of the Denpasar Festival Championship which is committed by Disperindag Denpasar on 28 – 31 December 2015. The feature submitted for the championship is a Mobile Application Program for Wayang Kulit Panca Pandawa Reality Book and Stick. The application was taken from I Komang Try Adi Stanaya’s thesis and has been successfully presented by I Made Suandana Astika Pande. The program has convinced the judges so that they appointed STIKOM Bali as the second winner.

Komang Try said he had created 3 dimensional image of Panca Pandawa characters by using augmented reality and completed it with their information had fascinated the judges. The program user can easily learn and find out about Panca Pandawa characters. “In order to advance the implementation of the program, I learned privately about Panca Pandawa from Jero Mangku Dalang I Wayan Natha,” he explained in the STIKOM Bali Multimedia office on Thursday (07/01/2016). Wayang Kulit Panca Pandawa Augmented Reality Book is the marker to feature the 3 D image of each Panca Pandawa Character.
The 3 dimensional application program of Wayang Kulit Panca Pandawa features the form of each character of Panca Pandawa into the cyber world by using the mobile device with android operating system.” Komang Try said who is also working for STIKOM Bali working as marketing staff. This application was also noticed by a local TV station so far they sent their production crews to meet Komang Try for an interview to be broadcast on a special TV program by the middle of Januari 2016. Komang Try and Pande wish this to be beneficial for Balinese society in order to preserve the local culture especially for Balinese Wayang Kulit Performing Arts as it is described in Mahabharata epic.**