Denpasar. I Kayan Suadiarta and Ni Made Sinta  Paramita represent STIKOM Bali in the Teruna Teruni Bali (TTB) 2015. From 125 contestants and after completing series of tests, Kayan and Sinta were selected to be in the 9 finalists and having the quarantine time in Swiss Belhotel in Seminyak. Next, the 9 Teruna and 9 Teruni are selected to be in the grand final which was held in Harris Hotel Sunset Road Kuta, Sunday (25/10/2015). Unfortunately these two were not very lucky. On the grand final, the committee announced who were the top five based on 5 criteria. This meant that 4 pairs of teruna teruni would be eliminated. In this stage that Sinta failed. The biggest hope rested on Kayan. Kayan and his partner, Chika, were able to be in top 5 in the category of Best Personality.


These 5 couples of TTB then were challenged to answer several questions from the jury based on the envelope that they took. Kayan who got the question from the jury Swasti Manggala regarding sapta pesona, was not able to finish his explanation due to the short of time. Thus when it was announced who was able to make it to the top 3, Kayan was eliminated. Meanwhile his partner, Chika, was able to be in Top 3. In the finale, Eka and Wendi were finally become the winner of TTB 2015 and they automatically become the Tourism Ambassador of Bali.

According to Kayan, entering on this kind of competition is the second time for him. “ previously, in 2014, I also entered the Putra Putri Kampus Ajeg Bali Competition and I got the third place, “ he said while stating that the competition in TTB this year is more challenging and close. “it is understandable, because we compete with contestants who have gotten their Master’s degree,” said him who was born on 14 September 1993.

Kayan, who are currently in his fifth semester in Information System Program, explained that the TTB 2015 were participated by 125 contestants. Having had a number of tests, 9 couples or 18 contestants were selected to do quarantine time in Swiss Belhotel in Seminyak from 22-25 October 2015. During the quarantine, these 9 couples of TTB had some seminars about tourism, tourism ambassador, public speaking, HIV/AIDS and the history of TTB. Then they underwent a series of interview and writing tests about those seminars. They also had photo sessions and visitation to the sponsors.
Although she did not win, Sinta who is in the fifth semester of Information System Program said that TTB event has made her more confident if she was asked about Balinese Tourism. “Before this, there were many things I did not know. After entering the big 9 finalists and undergoing the quarantine time, I got a lot of experiences and knowledge about tourism, HIV, public speaking and ethic,” said Sinta, who graduated from SMK PGRI 2 Negara.

She said that she entered the TTB by accident. “Mrs Deniari, the staff in the 3rd Dean Office, has observed that I am actively involving in the student activities especially the UKM DOS (Dance of Stikom Bali) and she thought that I had talent. Finally she asked me to attend the audition. To be in the top 9 made me proud because that was my first experience“ she said.

According to Ni Ketut Deniari, SH, staff of Stikom Bali 3rd Dean Office, Stikom Bali has included 12 contestants to Teruna Teruni STIKOM Bali to the TTB 2015.“ However the ones who went to the final were Sinta and Kayan,”(*)