Denpasar. There were 15 members of Friendship Force International" (FFI), a non-profit organization centered in Atlanta, United States of America, visited STIKOM Bali.
“The group which consisted of 10 foreign and 5 local citizens arrived in Bali (24/10) and now are currently doing several activities that have been prepared and scheduled, “ said Rahman Sabon Nama, the HR of Stikom Bali in denpasar.

He explained that after the welcoming ceremony in the Lobby, next the group were taken to the Presenter Room to join the complete presentation about FFI. “ next the group, especially the foreign ones practiced some Balinese Dancing in the Arts and Culture Laboratory of STIKOM Bali,”
The Head of STIKOM Bali, Dr. Dadang Hermawan, said that he is very grateful for the visitation from FFI. According to him, FFI is very useful for both students and lecturers who want to go abroad. “in the least, FFI will ease the visa processing and save some cost to go abroad,”.
The leader of the group, who is also the Head of FFI Indonesia, Arifin Muchtar, said that the reason for the visitation is to get to know the management and the employees of STIKOM Bali, which are also the biggest members of FFI Denpasar, which was established in 2014 where STIKOM Bali acts as the secretariate of FFI Denpasar Region.
According to Arifin, the purpose of FFI is to facilitate the differences between Nations by making friendship with others without acknowledging the skin color, religion or nations. “ because that is the Slogan of FFI, which is to change the way you see the world.” He said while mentioning the current FFI president is female, Joy Beneditto.
It is also mentioned that in Indonesia, FFI was established in 1993 and has branch in 10 cities, and Bali is the 11th one. “ The total members in Indonesia is 400 people and in the world is about 30.000 people from 50 countries including America, New Zealand, Germany, England, Bratislava, Canada and Mexico.
He also explained that the members of FFI traveled to other country (outbound) would live in the house of a member so that they would interact with them. “so it is some kind of homestay”, he said.
He then explained that FFI was established in 1979 in Atlanta, America, by Mr. Wayne Smith, an ex-pastor and was inaugurated in the White House by US president Jimmy Carter at that time.
“Anybody can be a member of FFI, as long as they pay basic fee IDR 50.000 once for the rest of your life and dues Rp. 120.000 per year. If you want to outbound to the US, the accomodation fee for one week is USD 100 or the total All-In Cost (excluding Passport and Visa) is USD 2850,” he said.
Meanwhile, FFI Bali was established in Denpasar on 22 November 2014, and Dr. Dadang Hermawan as the President of FFI Bali. Meanwhile the vice head of Widya Dharma Shanti Foundation, Made Marlowe Bandem, B.Bus, as the General Secretary, and Ni Luh Kadek Putri Srinadi, SE, MM.Kom as the treasurer. On that occasion, there was an inauguration of the FFI Bali Chapter by reading the dictum. (*)