Denpasar. The Stikom Bali Music Community (SBMC) presented a special occasion entitled “Musik Pojok’. It was participated by 15 bands performing their music on Sunday, 25 October 2015 at the front yard of STIKOM Bali building. The rundown was smoothly held by the Master of Ceremonies, Arwin and Nias, from 17.00 h until 21.30 h that evening.

This complimentary entertainment had been successfully attracting all STIKOM Bali students and also several people around the Central City. No wonder there was a traffic jam on Jl. Raya Puputan Renon area during the happening.
This event was even more glorious with the performance of Live Line as the guest band. This band got a great applause from the audience.
The Head of SBMC, I Gede Sapta Wikana Pande, who is familiarly called Sapta, accompanied by the Head of ‘Musik Pojok’ committee said that among all the 15 bands, there are 9 bands derived from STIKOM Bali students.  The bands’ name are Moral Sickness, Vorgoth, Tepat Tengah Malam, Gedung Pencakar Langit, Alternate, Up Night in Fight, Jerat, Thunder Fight, Free Us All, Steel Armor, Lini Tengah, Power Anger, Monolog, Overlive and Live Line.  “This event is intended to encourage the students’ talent so that we provided the stage for our friends’ music expressions. There is no judging on their performances.”, Sapta and Suwandanayasa added, “We would like to thank all the bands who had been participating into this event and also all the committee members who has dedicated their time and efforts to make it succeed.” (*)